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All Ninh's products are guaranteed up on the defined systematical and close regualation within 12 months from the delivery date. Each product is enclosed with the guarantee card showing the guarantee address, condition and regulation...

Any damage due to technical fault will be amended or replaced free of charge. Natural erosions due to the useage process will not be in the guarantee sphere

With products enclosed the the guarantee, we will be responsible for guarantee stipulated on the according guarantee of each product).

Conditions not belong to guarantee:

- Product beyond the guarantee time.
- All pieces of information showed on the products do not coincide with ones on the guarantee card.
- Products without guarantee or guarantee is not filled with full information
- Products are damaged due to physical impact (fallen, broken, crashed, crawn...), due to outside invironmental impact (moisture, sunlight, woodeater, mouse, cockcroach...), due to force majeure(fire, natural disaster...).
- Products are dismantled self-willedly, changed without execution of the Ninh's staff.

Besides, we offer to its customers the following services such as: wood furnitures repairing, usage consultance… etc

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